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Pro Race Products Pro Sport Under Drive Damper

Item #: PRH32068

Price: $374.99



Fits: Dodge -Hemi Car V8 - 5.7L

Accessory drive systems have been made more compact on Late Model V8 engines like the Ford 4.6L and the GM LS1 by machining serpentine belt grooves on the OD of the crankshaft damper. The crankshaft damper functions as a combination crank damper and crank pulley on these engines. Under drive dampers are smaller in diameter than stock production crank dampers which slows the speed of the accessories and reduces the HP required to drive them. Since performance and racing engine applications generally run at higher RPM, the water pump, alternator and power steering pump speeds can be reduced to save HP and still meet engine cooling, electrical and vehicle steering requirements

• 20% Underdrive

• SFI Spec. 18.1 Bonded Harmonic Damper

• High quality “All Steel” construction

• Robust outer ring retention design

• Spin tested to 12,500 rpm

• 60o precision engraved timing marks

• Clear baked paint finish