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Scribner Utility Jug, Orange

Item #: SCR2000O

Price: $34.99



Fits: 5 gal, 9-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 21-3/4 in Tall

Features unique to Scribner utility jugs include the square design eliminating unusable spaces around the jug. They mate naturally and fit flush against walls and other flat surfaces.

All jugs are manufactured from tough LLDPE polyethylene using Scribner's unique rotational molding process, which is why we can offer the exclusive Scribner guarantee.

The exclusive funnel top design and molded handle helps bleed air into the jug allowing the entire contents to be unloaded in approximately 9 seconds. Compare that with the other jugs around.

The extra heavy duty top features a unique, polyethylene gasket unlike o - rings, there is no swelling and falling out after a month of use.

Note: This container is solely intended for use with non-fuel or non-kerosene products and must not be used to transport fuel or kerosene. For storage and transport of recyclable automotive fluids, non-potable water, feed attractants and other outdoor products