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On-engine Valve Spring Removal Tools
Item# onvaspreto

Product Description

426 VSR TOOL USE OVERVIEW As with any tool, due care must be used.

Only the rocker arm or arms at the cylinder where the valve spring or springs that are going to be removed or installed will be flipped upside down. There is no need to remove the rockers or pushrods for the cylinder to be worked on.

The valve will need to be held up in place while the spring is compressed. To do this the user may use compressed air* to hold the valve up, or a piece of rope inserted through the spark plug hole, and then engine rotated manually to push the rope up against the valve face inside the combustion chamber.

* NOTE: Engine may rotate while airing up the cylinder and injury could occur if in the way of revolving parts

When compressing the valve spring, it is important to understand the correct usage of the tool.

As the tool begins to put a load on the valve spring retainer, tap the top of the valve spring retainer with a small hammer or hammer and punch combination to free the retainer from the valve spring keepers.

This will allow safer and easier removal of the valve spring. All tools have design limits and if used improperly the tool can be damaged, whether it is a screwdriver, socket, punch, ratchet wrench, c clamp etc……

The VSR tool could be damaged if improperly used to over compress the valve spring, which may include putting the tool in a bind and creating damage to it.

The user must be careful not to put the valve spring into a "coil bind" *. Always watch to ensure the coils of the valve spring are not touching each other.

Most valve stem keepers are in the .300 - .375 inch tall range. Whether compressed air or a piece of rope to hold the valve up being worked on, the user only needs to follow the above directions to successfully remove and install the valve springs without worry of damaging the VSR tool.

Remember you only need to compress the spring enough to allow keeper removal or installation . (note : at the point of the keeper removal or installation, a mechanics magnet can help with the removal or installation of the keepers. The keeper installation can be made simplified by putting a dab of grease on the inside and outside of each piece of keeper and use the flat of a screwdriver blade to place them on the valve stem)

There are 6, 3/8 SAE flat washers included with the VSR tool, 3 are used in conjunction each socket head bolts supplied to secure the VSR tool to the rocker pedestals. The other 3 are used when rocker pedestals are aluminum to protect them from scratching the anodized pedestals. If your pedestals are cast iron, you may choose to put all the 3/8 SAE washers under the 3/8 socket head bolts for safe keeping. Only a 5/16 allen wrench is needed to install and operate the VSR tool. When moving the tool to another location on the cylinder head, simply reinstall the 3 bolts removed from the pedestals.

Also included with the VSR tool is a 7/8 SAE hardened washer. Some valve spring retainers are a beveled type not flat on top. The bevel may cause the VSR tools rocker to move or shift as the load is increased on it.

To eliminate that, the 7/8 hardened washer is placed on top of the beveled retainer and run the VSR rocker feet down on it, this will allow for easy compression of the valve spring without concern of tool being put into a bind by a beveled retainer head. If the 7/8 washer needs to be shifted or centered you simply use a flat screwdriver to push it around