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NEW! "RB" Eagle ESP Forged Crankshaft

"ESP" Forged 4340 Steel Crankshafts features exceptional strength and quality at a reasonable price. Our cranks are forged in a non-twist forging and undergo a multi-stage heat treatment process as well as stress relieving, shot peening, and nitriding. They are magnafluxed and sonic tested to insure quality. We micropolish each journal to a 3 or better R.A. On each journal, a 0.125" raduis is used to increase strength, so chambered bearings must be used. Lightening holes on each rod throw for reduce weight. All are designed for internal balance. The perfect choice for engines up to 1500 HP.

Eagle Standard Forged 4340 Chromoly Steel
Fits: 413 - 440, 4.5000" Stroke, Internal Balanced