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1964-70 Dodge B Body 22" Front Segment & 64-65 Plymouth with SS springs

Item #: MREAR097KIT

Price: $145.99



Fits: 1964-70 Dodge B & 64-65 Ply with S/S springs

Make any Mopar leaf spring replacement complete with Mancini Racing's leaf springs hanger kit.

OEM fit spring hangers that are made from heavy duty steel sporting a zinc finish that will last for years or road use and abuse. These hangers and studs are made to factory spec to guarantee a perfect fit every time. To round out your install our kit includes reinforcement plates that are normally only seen on factory Hemi vehicles. These will spread the stress of your high horsepower Mopar

Kits include:

• Adjustable front hanger for stock ride height and 1.5" below stock

• Reinforcement, plates,

• Hanger nuts

• Front spring eye bolts and nuts