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Holley Quick Change Jet Kit

Item #: HLY34-27

Price: $69.99



Fits: Holley 4150

Fuel Bowl, Secondary, Center Hung, Dichromate, Holley 4150, Kit.

Carburetor Fuel Bowl Finish: Dichromate

Quick-Change Jet Provisions: Yes

Fuel Bowl Float Style: Center hung

Gaskets Included: Yes

Float Included: No

Quantity: Sold as a kit.

Notes: Single inlet secondary fuel bowl without an accelerator pump.

You don't have to get hot under the collar anymore when faced with jet changing. Holley makes it easy with these Quick Change jet kits. Designed for the center-hung style "race" fuel bowl, these kits will allow you to change jets without having to remove the fuel bowl. Simply unscrew the jet plugs, which thread into the bowl, and remove the old jet. Screw in the new jets, replace the plugs, and you're ready to ride. Holley Quick Change jet kits come complete, ready for installation. They include Quick Change fuel bowls, gaskets, washers, seals, fuel bowl plugs --everything that you need for an easy conversion.