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MBM Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Large Bolt Pattern

Item #: MBMDBK6272A-45

Price: $768.99

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Fits: 1962-72 Mopar A Body, Standard

Complete Stock Height Disc Brake Kit Includes

•11" Standard Rotors with 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern (note: many early 60's A-Body's had a 5x4 bolt pattern.

•Fits most 14" original rims. DOES NOT FIT: Cragger Steel, Year One Rally or original small 9" Drum braking system rims.

•Loaded Large Calipers

•Lower Ball Joints

•Spindle Sleeve Adapters

•Backing Plates Stock Height Spindles

•Rubber Brake Hoses Bearings/ Seals / Dust Caps & all Hardware

•Our BRAND NEW Dodge A body disc brake kit REDESIGN Features all new parts that does NOT require you to change out your control arms Saves you 25% or more to be exact! The New Re-Design gives you a bolt on drum to disc conversion.

•Uses all new parts and rotors/calipers/pads & OEM Mopar parts.