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March Performance - Serpentine Kits
Item# marper

Product Description

March Performance - Serpentine Kits
March Performance Chrysler serpentine conversion pulley kits replace your low-performance V-belt pulleys, while retaining your standard rotation water pump. These pulley sets are simple to bolt on, increase horsepower, and eliminate belt throwing. The pulleys are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, hard coated for extra strength and wear, and have a no-polish, clear powdercoated finish.

Kit Includes:

• Alternator bracket and tensioning rod.

• Crank pulley, water pump pulley and nose cover.

• Alternator pulley with nose cover.

• Power steering kit includes bracket,tensioning rod and pulley with cover.

• Air conditioning kit includes A/C bracket, tensioner and A/C nose cover.