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Inline Tube Distribution Block

Item #: ILTBLK240

Price: $24.00



Fits: 1962-64 A / B / C-Body

Tee Block - Brass 4 Port Valve Front Drum - Rear Drum

For use on 1962-64 factory drum cars.

This is the distribution block that is mounted below the single master cylinder which feeds fluid to all four wheels. 1962-64 cars have a 1/4" master cylinder line while the rest of the lines are 3/16". This is an exact reproduction down to every detail. It is the correct size shape and thickness, made of brass with a phosphate bracket.

1962-66 cars all had a single master cylinder with drum brakes. There was no proportional valve and no disc brakes available in these years. The Tee block that mounted to the frame served as the distribution block. When converting to disc brakes, the system will need BLK241 conversion valve.