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STOCK REPLACEMENT FUEL TANK 1966-1967 Charger, Coated Steel, Gas

Item #: HLY19-528

Price: $165.99



Fits: 1966-67 dodge Charger

The heart of a fuel system begins with the fuel tank. When building a fuel system, swapping a carb or converting to EFI, it is crucial that you do not contaminate your new parts with dirt, rust, and sludge from an old fuel tank. We offer a simple and inexpensive solution to alleviate fuel tank issues with our Sniper replacement fuel tanks. Sniper fuel tanks are designed to meet or exceed the quality of your factory fuel tank.

Sniper tanks are steel with a galvanized finish that are manufactured to the oem specifications for your musclecar, truck, or Jeep. These fuel tanks are the perfect companion for your carbureted powerplant or a perfect base for your EFI conversion when installing one of the Holley Muscle Car EFI modules or our Retrofit EFI Pump.


• Tanks are coated galvanized steel

• Stock replacement fuel tanks are made to oem specifications for a great fit for your ride.

• They are a perfect companion when using our Holley Musclecar EFI modules or our Retrofit EFI Pump modules.

• Tank sending unit lock ring is included

• Tank straps are not included