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Full Race Torque Converter Chrysler TF-904

Item #: HAY97-3B28Q

Price: $768.99



Fits: TF-904 NON L/U 2800-3200 STALL

Hays Performance Drivetrain is proud to announce Twister 3/4 Race Performance Torque Converters. These NEW torque converters are a perfect addition to Hays product line of performance flexplates, clutches, and flywheels. The 3/4 Race torque converter is the first series being brought to market and is intended for street/strip combinations, with various RPM stall speed offerings to accommodate any mixture of modifications including higher compression ratios, aftermarket camshafts, aftermarket cylinder heads, lower gear ratios, and vehicle weight loss. The name 3/4 Race perfectly describes a torque converter suited for an application just shy of a Full Race version. We do plan to offer Full Race torque converters in the near future. Good names never go away, and neither should good terms! Hays Twister 3/4 Race Torque Converters!

3/4 Race series converters are built, tested, and proven to support up to 650 HP

State of the art Spray Welding process is used in select areas. Spray Welding provides clean, strong and consistent fusion while also increasing strength through hardening from higher process temperature

Each converter is hand-built and inspected in every step of assembly to ensure top of the line quality

All HAYS converters are internally welded compared to brazing. Testing has shown welding provides longer converter life while also enhancing consistency

Heavy duty Torrington bearings are used for greater strength and durability

Stators are chosen with high flow vents and channels to promote cooling in heat producing higher horsepower applications

Increased horsepower and acceleration due to a weight saving, one application design. Almost all HAYS converters are built for one application to reduce weight compared to a multi-bolt pattern converter.

3/4 Race series converters are offered in several different stall speeds for GM, Ford, and Chrysler transmissions

Industry leading Tech Support Team is available to provide assistance with stall speed selection