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Hays Flexplate, SFI Certified

Item #: HAY11-021

Price: $144.99



Fits: 2007-19 Mopar 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, & 6.4L Gen III Hemi

131-tooth, 8-bolt crankshaft, Internal Balanced

Hays heavy-duty flexplates for Gen III Hemi engines are constructed of a thicker than stock steel plate, enabling them to withstand the stress of high-stall torque converters and today's high-RPM engines. Designed to work with NAG1, ZF 8HP70, and 8HP90 transmissions. While factory stock plates tend to crack around the crankshaft hub when punished under high torque and RPM conditions, the thicker Hays Flexplate handles the force. These H.D. flexplates are supplied with a ring gear that is securely welded in place. All Hays heavy-duty flexplates are zinc-dichromate plated to resist corrosion and are SFI certified under specification 29.1.

•Internally balanced flexplate is SFI 29.1 Certified

•Designed to work with NAG1, ZF 8HP70, and 8HP90 transmissions

•Flexplate features Zinc Dichromate Plated finish for superior corrosion resistance and good looks

•Heavy Duty design utilized thicker than stock steel plate enabling to withstand the stress of high-stall converters and high-RPM engines

•For use with 8-bolt crankshaft