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Firecore "RB" Racing Distributor

Item #: CWSFC-1008B

Price: $199.95



Fits: 440/426 Hemi

These are the most popular distributors for factory based race engines. These distributors feature a special compact bowl design with a spring clip hold down male tower cap that fits into locations where a larger or bulkier distributor simply will not, such as with B1 or aftermarket heads, fabricated or tall valve covers and with dual 4-bbl intake manifolds.

Featuring a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum housing, with a centerless ground shaft that rides on lower sealed roller bearing with an extra long upper bronze Oil-Lite bushing for smooth operation at high RPM’s and extended service life. The fully adjustable mechanical advance is patterned after the race proven Mopar Performance® design. It is mounted lower on the shaft for improved high RPM stability and is plated to reduce friction and prevent corrosion for long term durability. A Chrysler magnetic pickup and reluctor wheel provide a strong trigger signal at all RPMs levels that is compatible with OEM Chrysler, Mopar Performance® or aftermarket ignition control boxes. The cap and rotor are molded in high quality 30% glass filler polyester (PBT) that offers both high impact and dielectric strength while resisting carbon tracking.

The cap contacts are brass and the rotor spring is stainless steel for long term maximum conductivity. Comes complete with; cap, rotor and mechanical advance curve kit.

Distributors require the use of a Mopar Performance or aftermarket CD ignition control box.