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Engine Bolt Kits

It’s easy to assemble a show-quality engine when you use ARP’s handy Engine & Accessory Fastener Kit. Virtually everything you need comes completely organized in one convenient package! More importantly, each and every fastener is superior in strength to the OEM bolts, and also significantly better than hardware grades (even Grade 8). You have a choice of two premium materials and finishes; both of which are nominally rated at an impressive 170,000 psi tensile strength. Simply stated, there’s nothing better on the market today!

Traditionalists will appreciate the strength and functionality of ARP’s heat-treated 8740 Chrome Moly Steel alloy bolts, which feature a black oxide finish. They come in both hex and 12-point heads. Those who desire a dazzling engine will no doubt prefer fasteners made of ARP®’s specially alloyed Stainless 300 material, which has the added benefit of being virtually impervious to rust and corrosion. The stainless steel is specially polished to achieve a brilliant luster, and provides a distinctive, maintenance-free environment.

Each kit has a dozen different type fasteners, all neatly organized and labeled in protective vacuum-wrapped packages. ARP® Stainless 300 Engine & Accessory Fastener Kits are available for most popular engines, and come with conventional hex or compact 12-point heads. Please note that these kits are designed for carbureted engines.

Includes: intake manifold bolts, valve cover bolts, thermostat housing bolts, alternator bracket bolts, distributor bracket bolts, motor mount bolts, oil pan bolts, coil bracket bolts, header bolts, front cover bolts, water pump bolts, fuel pump bolts