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MSD Extra Duty Distributor Cap

Item #: MSD8431

Price: $56.99



Fits: Big Block & Gen II Hemi

Distributor Cap, Male/HEI-Style, Red, Screw-Down, Pro-Billet, Each

Cap Style: Male/HEI

Cap Attachment Style: Screw down

Contact Terminal Material: Brass

Plug Wire Retainer: Yes

Cap Mounted Coil: No

Distributor Cap Material: Rynite

Coil Dust Cover Included: No

Distributor Cap Color: Red

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: This is a small diameter distributor cap.

Ensure that you have the finest distributor cap available by using one of these MSD Extra Duty distributor caps. They're designed with performance in mind, are molded from a high-quality, voltage-insulating material, and use low-resistance terminals for maximum conductivity

Cap fits MSD Chrysler distributor #'s 8534, 8545, 8546, 8386, 8387, 8388, 8389, 8391