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DEI Boom Mat Moldable Noise Barriers

Item #: DSN50103

Price: $68.99



Sound Deadener, Boom Mat, Moldable, Sheet Type, Slip-on, 54 in. x 24 in. x 0.063 in., Each

DEI Boom Mat moldable noise barriers conform to your need for quiet! If road noise, exhaust noise, or just noise in general is ruining the sweet sounds of your stereo, then it's time to lower the Boom! DEI Boom Mats are 1/16 in. thick and highly flexible to conform to your chassis. Intricate areas can be molded with a heat gun or by warming outside in the sun. Plus, they can be coupled with other Boom Mats for increased silencing powers and easily removed for service. Are you turning up the stereo volume to drown out annoying sounds? You need thermal acoustic control with Boom Mat moldable noise barriers from DEI!