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Comp Cams Crankshaft Socket

Item #: COM4799

Price: $71.99



Fits: 1/2 in., Steel

Crankshaft Socket Inner Diameter: 1.542 in.

Socket Drive: 1/2 in.

Socket Material: Steel

Socket Finish: Gold iridited

Degree Wheel Attachment: Yes

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Includes one 3/16 in. and two 1/4 in. keyways, 180 degrees apart.

COMP Cams crankshaft sockets are the perfect addition to your engine-building toolbox. They accept 1/2 in. drive ratchets for versatility and easy engine rotation. They're precision-machined for an accurate fit over the crank snout, and their knurled retaining nut threads-on to sandwich a degree wheel in place. The nut can be loosened, while on the crank snout, so that the wheel can be turned independently of the engine when finding top dead center.