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Comp Cams Electric Vacuum Pump Kit

Item #: COM5500

Price: $427.99



Fits: Universal

Vacuum Pump, Electric, 12 V DC, 25 Hg Vacuum, Kit

Maximum Vacuum (hg): 25

Power Supply: 12 V DC

Vacuum Hose Included: Yes

Vacuum Hose Color: Black

Vacuum Gauge Included: No

Vacuum Control Included: Yes

Mounting Insulators Included: Yes

Switching Relay Included: Yes

Quantity: Sold as a kit.

Notes: Pump measures approximately 8 in. long, 5 in. wide and 7 in. high.

A high-lift cam in a performance street vehicle can offer up great sound and excellent performance. But, if your car or truck has power brakes, a minimum of 16 in. of vacuum is critical to proper brake booster operation, which is something that's not always present if your camshaft features enhanced overlap. COMP Cams electric vacuum pump kits ensure that your vacuum stays between 18 and 22 Hg so you never have to worry whether your brakes will be there when you need them. COMP Cams electric vacuum pump kits are triggered by a vacuum switch that's included in the kits. They require a 12 V negative-ground system and only operate when vacuum drops below 18 Hg, and then turn off over 22 Hg. They include all of the parts necessary to install the units, along with wiring, hoses, and brackets. The kits utilize a highly efficient electric pump, relay switch, and distributor with a vacuum switch, which should be mounted close together for the most effective performance.