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Brazil Wax - Pure Carnauba Paste Wax

It's hard to beat the finish and reflective qualities found from pure carnauba. Jax Wax Brazil Wax is made from the highest quality of Brazlian Yellow #1 Gradeof Carnauba that is available.

Other than high reflective qualities, Carnauba is also the hardest known natural wax available - providing an extremely hard shell over your finish - protecting against scratches and other surface contaminants. Jax Wax Brazil Wax also naturally difuses UV rays from the sun to help prevent against fading and oxidation.

Highest Grade Natural Brazilian #1 Yellow Carnauba Paste

An extremely Hard Shell over Paint - Helps to Resist Scratches

Produces an Unbelievable Mirror-Like Finish

Naturally Diffuses UV Rays to Help Prevent Oxidation

Leaves an Exceptional Wet Look Shine