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Mancini Racing Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

Item #: MRE57001-15

Regular Price: $519.95

Sale Price: $467.99

You Save: $51.96 (10%)



Fits: Big Block, B/RB, 1.5 Ratio

Mancini Racing Single shaft mount, rockers for Big Block Chrysler are like no other on the market. Manufactured by Harland Sharp,the only shaft rocker of this style to feature heavy duty fulcrums. Mancini Racing Mopar kits are designed for race applications with valve springs up to 1.650 diameter and .700 lift cams.

The 7/16-20 x 5/16 ball adjusters are designed for use with Cup & Ball pushrods, length to be determined after you have rockers installed.

Kits include rocker arms, shafts, spacers, adjusters and nuts.

Warranty All Harland Sharp rocker arms carry a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects. If any machine work is done to alter their product from its original manufactured state all guarantees against defects and materials will be void.