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AMD Front Fender - RH

Item #: AMD200-1370-R

Price: $599.99



Fits: 1970-71 Plymouth A-Body (72-76 with modifications)

RH = Passenger Side

Introducing our Front Fender designed specifically for the 1970-1971 Plymouth A-Body (and 1972-1976 with modifications). This Front Fender is the perfect choice for restoring your classic Duster, Scamp, or Valiant to its original glory, preserving the authentic design and structural integrity of your vintage beauty.

The 1970-1971 Plymouth A-Body, including the Duster, Scamp, and Valiant models, is a true representation of American automotive heritage. Our Front Fender is meticulously crafted to match the original specifications, capturing the essence of the golden era of automobiles while providing a seamless fit and finish.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our Front Fender ensures exceptional durability and longevity. The precision engineering and attention to detail guarantee that this fender will withstand the test of time and environmental elements, retaining its original appearance for years to come.

For the 1972-1976 Plymouth A-Body models, some minor modifications may be required for a perfect fit. Our Front Fender is versatile enough to accommodate these modifications, providing an excellent option for those looking to restore their slightly later models.

Installation of our Front Fender is straightforward and hassle-free, with precise fitment for the 1970-1971 Plymouth A-Body models and additional adjustments for the 1972-1976 models. The fender aligns seamlessly with your classic Duster, Scamp, or Valiant, making the restoration process more efficient and enjoyable.

We understand the importance of maintaining the authenticity of classic cars, which is why our Front Fender is designed to preserve the original aesthetics while ensuring it functions flawlessly. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vintage Plymouth A-Body is enhanced with a high-quality Front Fender that complements its unique design.

New reproduction front fender for the 70-71 Duster, Valiant & 71 Scamp. Each fender is manufactured using high quality, heavy gauge steel on our exclusive new steel tooling and features, depending on application, correct as original body lines, braces, marker light holes, and antenna cut-out. Unlike lesser quality competitors parts, these fenders look great and fit even better! Like all AMD parts, these fenders arrive in a black EDP Coat finish and will require standard prep work prior to paint.

In conclusion, our Front Fender for the 1970-1971 Plymouth A-Body (with modifications for 1972-1976) is the ideal accessory to elevate the restoration process of your classic Duster, Scamp, or Valiant. Embrace the spirit of the golden era while enjoying the durability and authenticity of our Front Fender. Elevate your vintage Plymouth A-Body's elegance and value with our meticulously designed Front Fender - an essential addition for every classic car enthusiast.

Note: Will work on 72-76 models with modifications to the marker lights.