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Mopar Small Block Timing Cover - 273-360 A Engines - Driver side Timing Tab

Item #: MRE5249930

Price: $79.99



Fits: Small Block 273/318/340/360 & V6

With 9.600" Standard Deck Height, Raw Aluminum

Note: This is a late model timing cover. Early engines have a passenger side timing mark. Use a timing tape or etch damper with timing marks.

Do you have a cracked or broken timing cover, and are tired of searching junkyards and swap meets for a replacement? If so, these Mopar Performance aluminum timing chain covers should put a smile on your face. They are all-new castings that have precision-machined gasket and sealing surfaces for superior leak resistance and durability. The covers feature a natural finish and pre-threaded mounting holes for a no-hassle installation.