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Torsion Bar Hardware

Mancini Racing makes changing your torsion bars with all the hardware needed.

Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Lock and Seal Kit
Fits: 1960-1976 A-Body, 1962-1977 B-Body, 1964-1975 C-Body, and 1970-1974 E-Body
Mopar Performance Torsion Bar Locking Clips
ese Mopar Performance torsion bar locking clips are designed to keep the torsion bar dust boot seals in place on your Mopar Performance torsion bars. They are made from durable steel can be installed easily with simple hand tools.
Energy Suspension Torsion Bar Dust Boots
Torsion Bar Dust Boots, Polyurethane, Black, Mopar, Pair
Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Remover/Installer - A, B, C, E Body
The torsion bar remover and installer tool helps make it easier for you to complete either action with the torsion bar.
Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Adjuster A, B, E body Mopar
Torsion Bar Adjuster Body Styles A and B&E Part No. 35612