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Wilwood Brake Kits

Wilwood manufactures brakes for most popular muscle cars, street rods, after market suspension systems, and many current high performance vehicles.

For many of these cars they have conversion kits that will simply convert a completely stock vehicle to disc brakes, fit in stock appearing 14 inch wheels and requires no modification to the vehicle.

They also have brakes that use huge 14 inch rotors and require use of an 18 inch or larger wheels. For this same vehicle we have brakes designed specifically for drag racing and road racing including kits that fit stock suspension or various aftermarket suspensions and aftermarket rears.

Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series Rear Disc Parking Brake Kits
Disc Brake, Pro Series, Rear, Parking Brake, Drilled Rotors, 4-piston Caliper, Black, Chrysler, Dodge Plymouth