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Mr.Gasket Thermocap Radiator Cap

Item #: MRG2470R

Price: $32.95



Fits: 13 psi, 30-270 Degrees F

Radiator Cap/Gauge, Thermocap, Aluminum, Red Anodized, Plain, Each

These Mr. Gasket Thermocap radiator caps combine a high-pressure radiator cap with a thermometer element; just check the integrated temperature gauge, and you will know when it is safe to remove the cap. They are manufactured from aluminum and are available in your choice of red, blue, or silver anodized finishes. The Mr. Gasket Thermocap radiator caps read temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius to suit any vehicle's needs. No tools or modifications are required; just remove your old stock cap and replace it with one of the new Thermocaps. No more guessing games about whether or not it is safe to remove the radiator cap--with one of these Mr. Gasket Thermocap radiator caps, you will be safe each and every time.