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Motive Gears

Motive Gears

Ring and Pinion gears are the differential's critical point of power transfer. Ring and Pinion gears are probably the simplest performance modification one can do to a vehicle.

Our Motive Gear Standard Performance Ring and Pinions are excellent replacements for original equipment and often installers comment on the superior strength and quality of our Ring and Pinions compared to some original equipment Ring and Pinions.

Our Standard Performance Ring and Pinions are suitable for street and off road use. We offer more ratios in more Ring and Pinion sizes than any one that we know of.

The most common reason to change Ring and Pinion ratios from the original equipment is to keep your power when bigger tires are put on a vehicle. You can easily increase torque with a ratio change for greater pulling or take off power from a dead start. People from off road enthusiasts, competitors, recreational trailer boaters, farmers, and everyday motorists will find quality and selection surpassed by none at Motive Gear.