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CALTRACS Traction Bar System

Tremendous benefits can be realized when the CALTRACS traction bar system is installed on a leaf spring suspended automobile. CALTRACS traction bars were developed to achieve specific goals to improve high power traction while staying within hard set NHRA parameters.

Each of the two assemblies needed is comprised of three basic components:

1.Front Pivot

2.Force Transfer Link

3.Rear Mount

The combination of these components changes the pushing point on the car by redirecting the turning action (spring wrap-up) of the rear axle through the Force Transfer Link into the Front Pivot. The Front Pivot Spring Stop Bolt resists this turning motion and also controls the bending of the leaf spring at its thinnest section. The push into the Front Pivot helps the cars weight shift towards the rear of the car because of a new directed angle of force toward the front of the vehicle. (The "Instant Center" moves farther forward). This is where the system emulates a Four link system. The pinion angle is also maintained.

1. The Front Pivot

Two steel plates sandwich the leaf spring sides. Two attach points in the plates provide the user with a selection in which the forward Force Transfer Link rod end can be located. A machined aluminum spring eye bushing and steel insert supports the front of the spring while allowing the plates to pivot. A spring stop bolt controls and restricts spring wrap-up. Spacers are provided for different vehicle applications that control clearances in the front spring eye pocket.

2. Force Transfer Link

This is a length of chromolly tubing with CNC machined threaded inserts TIG welded into each end. The front Insert is machined with right hand Threads and a HEX outer shape for Simple wrench adjustment of the Installed assembly. The rear insert is Left hand threaded. Opposite thread Styles at each end provide the means to easily lengthen or shorten the link for desired pre-load adjustment.

3. Rear Mount

A welded ¼" steel assembly replaces the original vehicles spring perch and incorporates the mounting provisions for the rear rod end of the Force Transfer Link.

Rear Shocks for Cal Trac/Mono Leaf equipped Suspensions

Racers looking to optimize their Cal Trac set-ups with mono leaf springs should consider purchase of the Rancho RS9000X adjustable shock absorber with 9 position adjustment technology.

Cal Trac recommends Rancho Shocks based on development testing and racer feedback and consider the Rancho to be the best shock for their suspension set-up. The patented 9 position adjustment feature provides just the right proportion of extension to compression travel providing the proper shock control based on setting to track condition..

Typically a setting between 5 & 9 would be suitable for a hooking track providing more restriction to extension movement. A setting between 5 & 2 would be required on a slippery track providing less restriction to movement during launch.

Spring ride height: 1” low 1” high standard

A Body 99113 99116 call for tech assistance

B/E Body 99113 99116 call for tech assistance

Measurement required at static ride height – shock attachment point top to bottom

Measurement between 17 - 19 inches: use 99116 Measurement between 15 - 16 inches: use 99113

CALTRAC - 20" Front Spring Segment
Stock Spring Location - A Body and cars with 20" front spring segment
CALTRAC - 20" Front Spring Segment
Inboard Spring Application Only
CALTRAC - 21" Front Spring Segment
Stock Spring Location
CALTRAC - 22" Front Spring Segment
Stock Spring Location
CALTRAC - 22" Front Spring Segment
Inboard Spring Application Only
Calvert Racing Adjustment Wrenches
Caltracs Adjustment Wrenches (1-1/8")
CALTRCS - Split Mono Leaf Spring Set
The split-leaf drag springs are about half the weight of the typical multi-leaf drag race springs
Calvert Front CF Series 90-10 Shocks, Pair
Shock dimensions: 10.00" Collapsed 15.00" Extended.
Caltrac U-Bolts
Grade 5 - 1/2" diameter Complete with washers and nuts
Caltrac Square U-Bolts
Grade 5 - 9/16" diameter Complete with washers and nuts
Caltrac Axle Tube Perches
Universal style perches - 3 heights 2.75' - 3.00' & 3.25"
Calvert Racing Axle Shim Set
Billet 2 Degree Aluminum Pinion Shims
Calvert Racing Axle Shim Set
Billet 4 Degree Aluminum Pinion Shims
Caltrac Spring Clamps
For 2.5" multi-leafs