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Victor Max Wedge - BARE

Item #: EDE77939

Price: $661.95



Victor Max Wedge head with 75cc chamber size, 290cc port size, 2.200"/1.810" valve size

Intake ports are machined to match Max Wedge intake manifolds for B and RB competition big-block Chryslers Intake ports are raised .650", exhaust ports are raised .250" for improved flow The intake flange is extended .950" to eliminate the need for intake spacer plates Standard 15-degree valve angles with 290cc intake and 100cc exhaust ports Exhaust flange is extended .300" from stock (same as Mopar Stage 6) featuring dry exhaust bolt holes with Helicoil® thread inserts Raised valve cover rails and dual quench 75cc combustion chambers Sold without springs or retainers; use recommended springs to match your cam