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Victor Big Block Chrysler (Bare)

Item #: EDE77919

Price: $699.95



Requires valves, valve springs, retainers and locks. Requires finish valve job and sizing of valve guides.

The best standard port location head available for competition big-block Chryslers Intake ports are raised .650", exhaust ports are raised .250" for improved flow Will fit existing Victor manifolds for both high and low deck engines Standard 15-degree valve angles 280cc intake ports and 100cc exhaust ports Raised valve cover rails and dual quench 75cc combustion chambers Sold without springs or retainers- use recommended springs to match your cam Can be machined to match Max Wedge ports


Combustion Chamber 75cc

Intake Runner Volume 280cc

Exhaust Runner Volume 100cc

Intake Valve 2.200"

Exhaust Valve 1.810"

Deck Thickness 5/8"

Valve Spring N-A

Rocker Stud / Guideplate N-A

Sparkplug 14mm x 3/4", gasket seat

Technical Notes: Sold individually. These heads are supplied with valves, reamed and semi-finished valve stem guides, and no valve job. They will require final guide sizing and valve seat finishing before installation. These heads require offset rocker arms for the intake ports; use Mopar Performance .485" offset intake rockers. The exhaust side will accept standard-spec rockers.