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Floor Jack Pad Adapters


Jack or lift up your car in an easy, safe, convenient and affordable way.

Why you need a pinch weld adapter - You can use the proper factory jacking points on your car without folding over your pinch weld.This is a chronic problem when trying to use your 2, 2 1/2, 3 ton floor jack or your lift/hoist, or even the lift/hoist at your dealership. So use those factory jacking points (they are there for a reason) and then use your everyday floor jack or 2 Post hoist to properly jack up your car without worrying about damaging the pinch weld. This adapter will fit *most modern cars without interferring or damaging the plastic rocker moldings that run along side the pinch weld area.

Pinch Weld Flat Style Jack Adapter
Flat Style Jack Adapter
Pinchweld Jack Adapter With Stud
Shaft Style Jack Adapter