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K&N Air Filter Aircharger System - (2 Left)

Item #: MRE63-1042-CL

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Fits: 1994-2001 Dodge Ram Full Size Pickup 3.9L V6

Supercharge your horsepower with KN air filters and KN AirCharger Performance KitsKN AirChargers are designed to be less restrictive compared to the stock air management system. The low restriction on KN air filters provide you with quicker throttle response and give you more power throughout the RPM range. Additionally, it is important to note, if the stock air cleaner box has emission control devices and/or hoses attached, these parts MAY NOT be re-installed on a new AirCharger assembly.Enhance air flow and upgrade performanceEach AirCharger has a specially designed KN Filtercharger element consisting of woven cotton fabric sandwiched between two layers of wire mesh screen. The screen and fabric combination creates a grid-like effect on the KN filters which actually straightens and smoothes the incoming air as it passes through the filter. Air moving in a straight line moves faster than turbulent air which enhances air flow.The KN AirCharger effect: KN AirCharger performance kits replace the air box and the restriction. They vary in design because each kit is engineered to fit a particular make, model, and year of vehicle. The KN AirCharger uses a 360-degree, Filtercharger element which provides increased surface area to promote air flow. Port-injected engines are designed with a conical- shaped filter, while centralized fuel injection systems are equipped with an open element. This allows the vehicle to use all the air the engine can physically use. Unlike many restrictive factory intake plenums and filters, AirCharger drastically reduces restriction while smoothing and straightening the air flow. KN AirChargers allow your engine to ingest greater volumes of air, which ensures usable power and torque throughout its entire rpm range. If your engine is turbocharged or supercharged, the power gains can be phenomenal because these engines are very sensitive to intake air flow. NON-EMISSIONS LEGAL: KN AirCharger Kits are NOT legal for sale or use on


◾1994-2001 Dodge Ram Full Size Pickup 3.9L V6 KN performance Aircharger kit

◾Any Filtercharger air filter element other than those specified for and used as an original equipment replacement element; i.e. KN part numbers in the E-0000, E-1000, E-2000, and 33-0000 series and motorcycle original equipment replacement elements.

◾Style - Mesh

◾Installation Method - Replacement