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Fitech 440 6 Pak Fuel Injection Kit

Item #: MREFIT6-B

Price: $2,495.00



Fits: 413 - 426 Wedge - 440 Blocks Kit includes: Edelbrock 440 Six Pack manifold, fitech Fuel Injection kit, Throttle cable bracket, 6 Pak linkage, Fuel lines and carb studs. Throttle cable sold separately.

FiTech's Go EFI 3x2 Tri Power 600 HP Fuel Injection Systems with External ECU sticks to basic functions that deliver the best possible performance and economy for your street and mild performance engine. This FiTech ready-to-run throttle body system allows you to remove your carburetor and advance into the EFI world at an affordable price. The Tri-Power 600 HP System comes complete with a classic gold die-cast aluminum throttle body, hand-held controller, windshield mount, wideband O2 sensor, coolant temperature sensor and a compact external ECU.


• Annular Discharge

• Supports up to 600 HP Engines

• Three High-Flow Throttle Bodies, Each with (2) 45mm Throttle Bores

• Wideband O2 & TPS Sensors

• Compact External ECU

• Clearly Marked OE-style Harness

• All Sensors are Integrated on the Unit (Except the Wideband O2 & Coolant Temp Sensors)

• Fits Intake Manifolds with three 2-barrel flanges

• Works with OE Carb-type Distributor & Throttle Linkage

• Compatible with E-85 gasoline

• Fuel Pump Voltage Control

• Wet Flow Technology with Swirl Spray Annular Discharge Design

• Optimize Air Fuel Ratios while Driving