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Crane Machined Steel Valve Locks

Item #: MRE99082-1-CL

Regular Price: $30.05

Sale Price: $18.00

You Save: $12.05 (40%)



10� 3/8'' Diameter Valve Stem Locks; Stock Height

Valve Stem Diameter (in): 0.372 in.

Valve Stem Diameter (mm): 9.45mm

Lock Style: 10 degree

Lock Groove Quantity: 1-groove

Lock Material: Hardened steel

Manufacturing Process: Machined

Recessed for Lash Cap: No

Quantity: Sold as a set of 32.

Notes: 32 pieces, enough to do 16 valves.

Crane machined steel valve locks are available in the following three styles: 7 degree locks, 7 degree Super Duty valve stem locks, and 10 degree locks. All three styles are machined from the highest quality alloy steel, precision die-stamped, and then heat-treated for maximum strength and durability. They are considerably stronger than stock, and are excellent for all street-performance and moderate racing engine applications. The 7 degree locks were specifically engineered for today's high engine speeds and high-tension valve springs. They feature an oxide finish for corrosion protection. The 7 degree Super Duty valve stem locks feature added outside diameter material for increased strength, durability, and fatigue resistance. They are recommended for any high-rpm, high valve spring tension, or heavy valve application that's prone to lock distortion and retainer pull-through. The 7 degree taper actually provides more clamping force than wider 10 degree taper locks. The 10 degree locks feature a 10 degree taper, which many engine builders prefer. They are suitable for any racing application where the 10 degree design is specified.