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Cartek 5-Stage Programmable Sequential Shift Light

Item #: MRE168-101

Price: $189.95



Brand: Cartek Automotive Electronics Ltd

This clever shift light displays 5 different stages of alert using 7 bright LEDs.

The compact housing measures just 70mm wide x 20mm high x 30mm deep (2 3/4" x 3/4" x 1 3/16") and is designed to mount to the top of your dash panel. Clever microprocessor control makes programming an easy 2-step process.

Just bring the RPMs up to the point where you want the first alert level (two outside green LEDs lit up), then back off the throttle. Bring the RPMs to the point where you want the final level (all 7 LEDs flashing), then back off. The unit stores those two RPMs in memory and calculates when to light up the yellow, orange, and red LEDs.

12 volt, negative ground shift light is compatible with breaker-point ignitions and any electronic ignition with an RPM signal output. Cars with OBD-II compliant ECUs can use the Cartek OBD-II Signal Converter (Part No. 1068-121, sold separately) to harvest this signal from the ECU. Instructions included.

Tip: The signal wire for programming is left bare, to be touched to chassis ground. You can add a pushbutton switch (sold separately) to access the programming routine if you prefer.