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The place was Columbus, Ohio 1992 AT THE NATIONALS, Indy introduces the 440-1 head and manifold combination that soon became the most popular power for the 440 wedge engine. This is still the best selling package at Indy Cylinder Head transforming stock blocks and cranks into serious street/strip machines.

The best use of the 440-1 is a 451" to 500" bracket engine. it makes the perfect kind of engine a bracket racer wants. 650 HP to 850 HP with one carb, it makes great torque and has low shift points. When selecting the 440-1 most people buy it in kit form 440-1K, replacing everything from the block to the car.


NOTE: 440-C (Cast Iron) same head as 440-1 aluminum except for weight, engine will weigh 80 lbs more when built with 440-C Heads.


- Should be bought in kit form 440-1K

- 440-1K is everything between block and carb

- Uses .800 offset intake rocker

- Machined for stock rocker shaft or Jesel

- Intake port volume 310cc

- Intake volume 110cc bigger than stock head

- Exhaust port volume 110cc

- Intake valve dia. 2.19-5.344 overall length

- Exhaust valvedia. 1.81-5.370 overall length

- 2.25 intake valve dia. optional

- Valve angle stock 15 degrees

- Stock valve location

- 75cc combustion chamber

- Head bolt torque 70ft. lbs. can be milled to 62 cc

- Rocker shafts 25-30 ft. lbs.

- 7/16-14 Jesel rocker bolts 50 ft. lbs.

- Head bolts - Manley 440-16

- Head studs ARP. 440-17

- 2" spring height - 1.550 dia. common

- 3/4 reach gasket seat sparkplugs

- Champion C57YC (cold) to C63YC (hot)

- Stock 440 exhaust bolt pattern

- Uses Fel-Pro 1218 intake gasket

- Will accept all Indy intake manifolds

- 440-1 or 440-C heads with Indy valves, no head or block milling we use the following pushrod length:

- RB solid 9.750

- RB hydraulic 9.500

- B solid 9.00

- B hydraulic 8.750

- Roller cam pushrod length must be checked!

Best engine range 451 cu. in. to 540 cu. in