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Griner Valve Bodies
Item# newitem28967082

Product Description

The Steve Griner manual reverse valve body is now available through Mancini Racing. Griner has been producing great products over the years from manual reverse to highly sophisticated trans brake valve bodies with safety neutral for Super Stock applications. The manual reverse valve body utilizes highly pressurized fluid circuitry in providing positive shifting and limits use of traditional 5 to 1 ratio front band servo apply kickdown lever to stock 2.8 or 3.2 ratios. The cost is slightly higher than the competition, but the performance benefits realized from Griners years of experimentation and development will pay off in providing optimum performance with every shift. Valve bodies are availble with low band apply or with no low band apply feature. Consult your salesman in determining what is best for your application and experience level.

For racing application, we also recommend purchase of COAN Racing Super Sprag #48201, in protecting your investment from sprag failure.