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DiabloSport inTune Computer Programmer

Item #: DBLI-1000DCX

Price: $449.95

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Computer Programmer, inTune, 2011+ Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Kit

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These DiabloSport inTune computer programmers feature dual processors and over one gig of memory, making them the most powerful, fast, and reliable programmers on the market. They offer hours of data logging, custom tuning, adjustable parameters, universal diagnostics, and DiabloSport's world-famous canned tunes designed for more power and fuel economy.

Additional features include:

* Full-color touch screen

* Stainless steel construction

* Drag and drop file transfers (tunes, updates)

* Free online updates for life with PC or Mac platforms.

* Removable cables for simple storage

* External sensor inputs (0-5 V analog devices)

* Can be loaded with custom tunes for virtually any modification.

* Fits in your pocket, smaller than average cell phone

* Preloaded with multiple tunes for each application

* Includes mileage booster and throttle booster for select applications.

* USB connectivity

* Designed and manufactured in the USA

* Universal diagnostic tool, can be used on any OBD2 vehicle